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Facial Abuse

This is just a stupid slut with a load on her face. This is what she needs to get… This whore likes to spread her legs, open her mouth, and realize that she is real whore. The sooner she realize this, the sooner she can get her orgasm. Watch free videos and photos from FACIAL ABUSE

Guys help this bitch relive her past with some hard slaps to her face. They also had her experience a couple of other firsts… like being spit on while fucked. In our opinion, this shoot was cathartic for her. This slut is a mental mess, but the guys helped her work it out. Go facial abuse! Enjoy this free video material right now!

You’ve probably seen her with cocks up her asshole before but never like this. Our guy fucking love when he get this slut. Fucking her up is real fun and all, but there’s just something extra special about manhandling this whore. Maybe because he knows  she’s a beast when it comes to butt fucking. However, the intense facefuck this slut endured made her barf all over herself. Watch more stuff from free FACIALABUSE VIDEOS

So fucking sad. The highlight of this scene is when our guys had her use her own puke as lube for some titty fucking action. Facial? Yes! Awesome movie? Absolutely!!!

Oh well… fuck this bitch if she can’t take a joke. Anyway, this slut is a hot and hairless pussy piece of fuck meat. Our whore stepped it up big time for her guys and took two poles in her ass and pussy at the same time. That’s a first, and most likely, a last time event for her! Then she got all white jizz all over her face. Watch more videos here from FACIAL ABUSE TUBE

I have to admit, this slut does make a good pet. We all took turns on her head, jamming dick down it like her mouth was a black powder muzzle loader. Then we took turns on her cunt as she whimpered like a little puppy. We sat her down as she remained all leashed up and then we all nutted on her bitchy face. Then we fed her cum like it was a puppy snack. If this whore had a tail, she’d have wagged it. Full Free Video Here!

Ready. Set. Tapout. Congratulations whore… you’re now the fastest quitter in Facial Abuse history. Do not pass go. Do not get paid. You lose. It’s a shame, too… because this whore was pretty decent looking, even though her name sounds like a brand of douche. I love the way this bitch tried to walk off the set with her dignity. HAHA… what a complete and total loser! Watch full scene here!

The 54 year old is the mother and the daughter is 19. Talk about a Dog and Pony show, and they take it on the road. This one is like The Springer show, but naked. I honestly am at a loss for words, but this will give you something to talk about around the water cooler… Enjoy my friends, and be ready for a mind warping scene. Continue to see more from FACIAL ABUSE

Watch this nasty slut how she is begging to get abused. Thsi is one of the best video ever. Enjoy more free material from FACIALABUSE

Everything was going great until our guy mentioned “daddy” and then things fell apart quickly. However, it’s still worth it to watch even the ones that say “No mas.” Here this bitch is, albeit briefly, Kelly Klass, another one who tapped because of the mental, not the physical. Enjyo free video right now!

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